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In the world of gaming, casinos give away what people want; cash and cars. When Sun International’s new casino, Time Square tasked us with their large-scale promotion for June, July and August 2018, our intention was to approach this promotion in a completely different way. We started questioning things and considering other possibilities. The challenge was how do we give away the usual prizes and be disruptive and unique? Once The Maslow Time Square business hotel was complete, this literally changed the whole precinct offering and inspired our casino promotion concept, positioning it as ‘A Whole New Ballgame’.
Our creative approach included using imagery in a unique way to highlight the experiences guests can enjoy at Time Square superimposed with the prizes that could be won. The idea communicates that guests can visit Time Square for dinner, a party or a conference and stand the chance of winning if they played slots or tables. This visual approach was also translated into animations that were displayed digitally throughout Time Square. Our innovative approach set the promotion apart from the traditional form of gaming communications. The reality is that to stand out in such a competitive world, we need to continue finding new ways to be seen and heard.

Author Debby Stuart

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