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Branding by Design

Circle creates, maintains and grows brands by providing the right creative toolkit to accurately communicate brand purpose, values, promise and positioning. We develop a clear understanding of your business, goals and objectives to visually communicate your brand in the right way to the right audience.
Our creative process is simple:
INSIGHT: Insatiable curiosity and in-depth insight unleashes brand potential. We want to know what you are competing against, learn where you came from, discover where you want to go and then help you get there.
IDEOLOGY: Reflection of vision defines direction. The body of ideas and beliefs that personifies your brand, outlines the guiding principles for how you live, breathe and deliver your brand every day in every possible way.
IDENTITY: A brand is the perception of your business in the eyes of the world. We bring the essence of your brand to life in creative, engaging and enduring ways through great design, communication and community engagement.

Circle has guided Sun International in creating meaningful dialogue between our brands and consumers. This has been made possible through their investment in understanding our market and their vast branding knowledge.

Liam OddieGroup General Manager: Marketing, Sun International

We enjoyed being able to work with an agency that could guide us through a process we had not been through before and with the efficiency that they did.
It is reassuring to have an agency that are as invested in their client's business as their own.

Hewell Glyn-JonesManaging Director, Opennetworks

What we value about our relationship with Circle is the exceptional turnaround times, the in-depth understanding of our business and their willingness to go the extra mile.

Liam OddieGroup General Manager: Marketing, Sun International

I would highly recommend Circle to any company looking for a new fresh branding approach to their business. They’re a dynamic team that took the time to understand our business and came up with some great ideas.

Karen SerrettaOperations Director, Aranar

Debby Stuart

Managing Director

Robert du Toit

Creative Director

Suhana Kohlöffel-Neerahoo

Business Director

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