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Robert Du Toit


A year of Brand New!

With the Covid-19 pandemic about to enter a third year, 2021 hasn’t been without some unique challenges. A design studio based in various locations requiring a new norm of daily video-call reviews, an economy struggling under the immense pressure of…
9th December 2021

The value of Brand DNA.

With the recent public discourse around the Absa rebranding turning towards the inevitable negative sentiment, I was reminded by the success of long-term design strategy in defining the course of business success. Could you imagine a BMW without its iconic…
8th August 2018

Fight against the ugliness.

A few weekends back I took my car in for its fortnightly wash. My local carwash has a customer waiting area with a great coffee bar adjacent to a small lounging area. With cappuccino in hand I settled down in…
30th July 2018