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Brand development and visual language for an interior design and décor consultancy.

A unique brandmark inspired by a lunar eclipse.

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Equipped with the deep understanding of how tricky, time consuming and costly it can be to keep up with interior design trends, Nova Luna set out to become a differentiator in the market. Nova Luna means ‘new moon’, suggestive of fresh perspectives particularly in their approach to interior design solutions. This consultancy prides itself on offering three convenient and cost-effective collections created to suit individual needs and budgets.
Circle was enlisted to help Nova Luna create authentic, meaningful connections by developing a brand identity and visual language that sincerely communicates and differentiates their unique offering. The first step was to highlight Nova Luna’s mission of helping consumers create a positive relationship with their homes by aligning it with their marketing efforts; how they appear visually, how they communicate and how they’re able to solve real interior design issues.
Synonymous with feeling a sense of wonder and admiration when witnessing a lunar eclipse, Nova Luna’s three collections can be admired in the same way. Therefore, Circle designed the distinctive Nova Luna brandmark inspired by a lunar eclipse. Nova Luna aims to be linked to the emotions of clients just like the moon is powerfully connected to our feelings. The luna phases of the moon symbolise the different personality types of clients which the three offerings cater for. The Nova Luna identity and visual language embodies extraordinary significance which will continue to reinforce the ethos of connection, new thinking and fresh perspectives.