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9th December 2021 in Circular

A year of Brand New!

With the Covid-19 pandemic about to enter a third year, 2021 hasn’t been without some unique challenges. A design studio based in various locations requiring a new norm of daily video-call reviews, an economy struggling under the immense pressure of…
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23rd June 2020 in Circular

The Creative’s Guide to a Productive Lockdown

Not a day passes that I don’t hear phrases like “the New-Norm” and “Life under Lockdown”. TV, Radio, Internet - every medium is crammed full with so-called “experts” spewing advice on how to cope, how to adapt and even how…
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11th September 2018 in Circular

A whole new ballgame.

In the world of gaming, casinos give away what people want; cash and cars. When Sun International’s new casino, Time Square tasked us with their large-scale promotion for June, July and August 2018, our intention was to approach this promotion…
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8th August 2018 in Circular

The value of Brand DNA.

With the recent public discourse around the Absa rebranding turning towards the inevitable negative sentiment, I was reminded by the success of long-term design strategy in defining the course of business success. Could you imagine a BMW without its iconic…
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