Discover the desert super-plant.

Brand development, visual language and marketing toolkits for the Cactus Goods Co.

Cactus Goods Co encourages emerging and existing farmers to embrace the multi-purpose benefits of Cactus farming.

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Introducing Cactus Goods Co – an Ensight company with solid foundations in making a difference to the environment. Ensight is a multi-award-winning energy enterprise that started in 1992 in Brisbane, Australia. Having launched the South African operation in 2012 to deliver transformational energy cost reduction programs to energy and resource intense industries with the audacious goal of reducing GHG by 1GT (10% of world emissions annually by 2035). Cactus Goods Co harnesses the sustainable power of Cactus on arid and semi-arid land, to create solutions and products that are both beneficial to the environment and all beings on the planet.
Cactus Goods Co encourages emerging and existing farmers to embrace the multi-purpose benefits of Cactus farming by offering to:
  • Provide guaranteed off-taker agreements for all Cactus products (cladodes, biomass, fruit, seed, flour and so much more)
  • Enable local farmers and emerging farmers to run businesses that achieve economies of scale for cost-effective production, thereby improving their bottom line
  • Assist all farmers to obtain all necessary industry certifications, licensing and Eco Cert approvals with expert support by Ensight’s engineering team
  • Enable local and emerging farmers to become Cactus cultivators of change through Cactus Fundi, exclusive out growers
Cactus Fundi is a group of expert farmers who have seen the business potential of beings associated with Cactus Goods Co which provides support and guidance to the commercial Cactus growers in South Africa.
Circle was challenged to create marketing toolkits and sales packs which enable the company’s Sales Team to educate and encourage farmers to grow Cactus and become expert growers of the Cactus Goods Co in an effort to maximise the potential of Cactus to maintain continuity of supply locally as well as internationally.
The toolkits and sales packs were specifically created to target each group of farmers individually; existing farmers versus emerging farmers and were positioned appropriately.
Circle created the ‘The future is secure’ positioning for existing farmers’ toolkits which was accompanied by a multitool as a giveaway as a metaphor to represent all the benefits of Cactus farming as well as the financial security it provides. ‘The future is bright’ was created as the positioning for the emerging farmers’ toolkits together with giving away sunglasses to signify the prospect of seeing the future differently as a Cactus grower.